District Consumer information centre

NCHSE is pledged to serve the people by making them aware of their rights as consumer; it advises them on grievance redressal, counsels them and provides general guidance. This activity, though started by the Organization on a purely non-profit and voluntary basis, later got established through a formal centre DCIC (District Consumer Information Centre) that is sponsored by Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs and has been functional since 2001. The Centre takes care of consumer grievances at large. The main functions of DCIC are as under:

  1. Proper guidance and counselling to aggrieved consumers.
  2. Protecting interests of the consumers and get them relief through initiating correspondence to the service providers, shops, dealers, etc.
  3. Registering the cases of consumers in the Consumer Redressal Forum and pursuing it with the competent authorities (apex bodies), if needed.
  4. Information, dissemination and general awareness to the consumers about their rights and responsibilities.

The Centre regularly organizes training programmes, information dissemination camps, seminars and workshops and supports these activities through distribution of leaflets, folders, newsletters, etc. There is also a counseling service available in the Centre. On an average the Citizen's Entitlement Division deals with about five complaints a day. Apart from giving advice to the complainants the Centre also acts a representative of the consumers in the consumer courts in selected cases.

Besides the above activities this centre has also been recognized by TRAI as Consumer Advocacy Group (CAG) throughout M.P. & Chhatisgarh region. The telecom sector is the fast developing area in which mobile users have a significant  importance. The problems related to telecom sector covers users of Landline, broadband and mobile. Their problems are being solved through service providers. TRAI has also authorizes CAG to be one of the member in Advisory Committee of service providers to deal the cases which are not being solved at the level of Call Centre / nodal authority.
The DCIC also entertains students of various universities who are interested in doing internship in consumer field, as a part of their course/ study.

The Centre has tried to carry the message of citizen's entitlements to institutions such as schools and colleges and it has also set up a network of consumer organizations functioning in Madhya Pradesh. The centre has carried out awareness camps in the various slums of Bhopal since its establishment. Awareness Camps have also been carried out in the rural villages of Bhopal District. Training programmes and lectures have been arranged for various strata of Consumer audience. With the inspiration, guidance and assistance of NCHSE the Barkatullah University authorities are in the process of establishing a Student Consumer Information Centre for the benefit of staff, students and residents of the University. There is a close linkage with apex organizations such as CERC, CCC, CGSI, CUTS, Common Cause, etc. The Centre has also been active in assisting institutions such as Banks, LIC, etc. in preparing their respective citizen's charters. The Centre actively participates, in National and state level campaigns for furthering the cause of consumer protection.


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