Articles of Dr. M.n.buch (2014)

Topic of the articles
Is It Time To Evaluate The New Government?
The Relevance of Police Custody of an Accused Person
Why A Secular State Always Trumps A Theocracy
Freedom of Religion and the Secular State
Coal, On The Right Track At Last
The Deification Syndrome
Some Imperatives of Government
Time To Govern, Mr. Modi
Swachh Bharat Is Not Mardi Gras
The One Man Festival of India
The Mockingbird Competition
The Quiet Revolution
Why Does Mohan Bhagwat Insult Hindus?
Har Har Ganga! Jai Ganga!
Time for Action, Not Speeches
India Finds A Prime Minister
India Has A Prime Minister
Education and the Destructive Forces of Government
The India-China-Pakistan Triangle
Self-destruct or the Practice of Nihilism
Aurangzeb Was So Wicked
Juvenile Justice, Does It Need Review?
Can A Juvenile Ever Be Accountable For A Crime?
The Budget of 2014-2015
Is Swaroopanand A Hindu?
Appointment of Judges and Independence of Judiciary
Appointment of Judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts
Riverfront Development
Policing Corruption
Crime and Governance
The Prime Minister, the Ministers and Civil Servants
Role of the Prime Minister’s Office
How Free is the Indian Media?
Which Are The Most Important Departments Of Government?
The Right to Bear Arms
Reinventing Parties – The BJP Model vs. the Congress
Reinventing the Congress
Abiding Grace
Inflation – Some Diagnostic Comments 
Let Us Return to Old Fashioned Government
The Manmohan Bunker
The Hitler Bunker
Some Thoughts on Urban Identity and Emerging City Forms
India after 16th May 2014
Some Thoughts on Bringing Civility Back to Political Debate
General Elections in India and the Role of the Election Commission
The Communal Polarisation of Indian Politics
Ashish Bose, You Cannot Pass Away
The Fatal Flaw In Communal Politics
Virtual World versus Real World
The Real Vs. The Virtual World
Some Thoughts on Bringing Civility Back to Political Debate
Put The Naxalite Menace In Its Correct Perspective And Then Deal With It
When Will Senseless Violence End?
Some Thoughts on Restoring Order to the National Polity
What Next After Telangan?
Telangana and the Possibility of National Disintegration
India’s Traditional Science and Wisdom of Water Management – A Review
The Rule of Law and Government by Law
How Dictatorships Are Born
The Genesis of Dictatorship
Dare We Hope?
The Post 2014 General Election Government And The Challenges Before It
Lynch Law
How Not to Govern
Arvind Kejriwal’s Ambition
Kashmir, Kashmir, and Yet Again Kashmir



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