Articles of Dr. M.N.Buch (2013)

S.No. Topic of articles
1 Whither India?
2 Hunting Down Narendra Modi
3 To The Americans Does India Count?
4 The Three Times Chief Minister
5 We, The People
6 The Rise and Fall Of The Congress Party
7 How Secular Are The Indian Muslims?
8 Rape, Tehalka and Tarun Tejpal
9 Elections 2013
10 India and Sri Lanka
11 The CBI as Police
12 Nehru and Patel
13 Has India Aged Prematurely? 
14 Politics and Emotional Blackmail 
15 Faith versus Superstition 
16 Oh, My God!
17 Will India Be Governed, And By Whom? 
18 Did Coalgate Ever Happen? 
19 Is a Constitutional Coup d’etat Possible in India?
20 Sardar and Jawahar, not Sardar versus Jawahar 
21 When Does Reservation Become Reverse Discrimination?
22 Leadership 
23 What Does Modi Symbolise?
24 From Fear Of Law Grows Respect For Law
25 The Brittle Society
26 The Lessons of Muzaffarnagar
27 Corruption The Hydra-headed Monster
28 Corruption
29 Equilibrium Of The Settlement Pattern In India
30 Fratricidal Communal Competitiveness In Politics
31 The Sorry State Of The All India Services
32 How All India Are The All India Services?
33 Disintegration of India
34 We Are All Thieves
35 The Games the Governors Play
36 The Constitutional Crisis in Madhya Pradesh
37 The Biter Bit
38 A High Cost Low Income Economy
39 When Is Preemption Viable and Valid?
40 The Pawan Bansal Case
41 The Ishrat Jehan Case
42 The Ishrat Jehan Mystery
43 Lessons from Uttarakhand
44 Intelligence vs. Investigation, Or CBI vs. IB
45 The Mess That Is CBI
46 What Should Be the Strategy of Political Parties for 2014 General Election?
47 Is the Media Imbalanced?
48 Not Maowadi But Hinsawadi
49 Meeting India’s Energy Needs
50 Reforming the Indian Police
51 Corruption, the Courts and the People
52 The Imbalance In Education In India
53 Is Article 14 Still A Part of The Constitution?
54 Some Questions Which Must be Asked
55 It Is About Time We Started Asking Questions
56 B.D.R, A.D.R. or Anno Domini
57 The Trial Procedure, Its Strengthening and Expeditious Justice
58 Things Fall Apart, The Centre Will Not Hold
59 The Power to Pardon
60 India, Sri Lanka – The Tamil Question
61 What Do We Do About Sri Lanka?
62 The Justice System
63 Italy, the Law and Our Self-Respect
64 India, Afghanistan And Developments In Pakistan
65 Our Environmental Health
66 National Counter Terrorism Centre
67 Would You Do Business With India?
68 Defence Acquisitions
69 The Politicisation of Criminal Justice
70 The Secular Creed
71 The Status of Women And Media Militancy
72 Maintenance of Public Order and Tranquility
73 The Governor, The Constitution and the Courts.
74 The Police, Too, Have A Case
75 A Policeman’s Perspective
76 Propriety and Appropriateness
77 Systemic Failure or Organ Failure?



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