Articles of Dr. M.N.Buch (2012)

S.No. Topic of the articles
1 How Incompetent Is Our Government?
2 An Object Lesson in Government Incompetence
3 Crime and Punishment
4 Who is Secular in India?
5 We, the Living!
6 India, a Nation of the Living or a Necropolis?
7 Integrity and Ethics in the Civil Service
8 Thackeray’s Passing, Redemption or Irreparable Loss?
9 Grandma’s Remedies
10 Constitutionalism versus Political Adventurism
11 Building a Self Cleansing Environment
12 An Object Lesson for Indian Political Parties
13 The Code of Ethics For Political Parties
14 India Shining? Or India, The Dark Continent?
15 How Do We Revive Healthy Politics In India?
16 Oh Tempora, Oh Mores!
17 Is Verrier Elwin Still Relevant? –A Study of the Bhils of Jhabua
18 Should Power Necessarily Corrupt?
19 Foreign Direct Investment And Economic Growth
20 And they call these reforms!
21 Down With Subsidies, Up With Reforms
22 Sedition
23 Ouch, The Cartoon Bit Me!
24 Wisdom By Hindsight
25 Sushma ji, How Can You Shut Down Parliament?
26 What do we do about the thackerays?
27 The Justice System and the Secular State
28 Maintenance of Public Order
29 The Politics of Intimidation
30 The Will to Govern
31 Health of the Indians – Who Cares a Damn!
32 The Complex Art of Political Organisation
33 The political class
34 Law and Order
35 Some Basic Fundamentals for Preparation of the Bhopal Development Plan
36 Religion, Caste, Regionalism and Politics In India
37 The Management of Land
38 Managing land—a holistic view
39 Confusion worse confounded
40 Oh, what a beautiful mess!
41 The indian administrative service – how good, how relevant?
42 Sustainable energy policy
43 Madaaris,  performing monkeys and dancing bears
44 The enigma of rashtriya swayam sevak sangh
45 What do we make of R.S.S.?
46 Theatre of the absurd
47 Governance and the prime minister
48 What Happens in 2014?
49 Paralysis, petrifaction or mere incompetence?
50 Chaos by design?
51 The right to education
52 What sort of president should india have?
53 Hostage! Hostage! Hostage!
54 Is federalism in danger through central activism?
55 How should the executive government function
56 Have we become collectively insane?
57 Do We Ever Think Before We Act, Or Is It Ad-hocism Zindabad?
58 Oh, this accursed compulsion!
59 Subsidies
60 The lessons of 2012 elections for state assemblies
61 How good are the indian institutes of management?
62 Is everything right with the indian institutes of management?
63 Trusteeship and trust
64 Pranlal Mohanlal Buch ; A nephew’s tribute
65 The National Counter Terrorism Centre vs. Federalism
66 The election commission and salman khurshid
67 Reforming the electoral system
68 Development, the wealth of the nation and equity
69 Is Gita a Dharma Granth?
70 Sling shots are fine, but guns are better
71 The age of contention
72 Indians of the islamic faith
73 Caste, religion and reservations
74 Long live tuglaq
75 India, china and tibet
76 Health care for all



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