Perspective plan of urbanization for MP(1991-2021)

NCHSE has prepared an Urban Perspective Plan for 2021 for Madhya Pradesh. The report is available in 9 Volumes with all details about the perspective development of the State considering the fast growth of urban areas.

Perspective plan of urbanisation for Madhya Pradesh, 2021 The out come of project has appeared in form of documentation The report apart from discussing the status of the various requisite areas of urbanisation, describes at length the 11 geographical regions, 23 urban zones, and about 75 towns and cities which have the potential of urban growth, also identifies centers with potential growth for tourism, proposes new network of communications like National and State level highways, new air routes, new rail links and industrial growth centres, which could, when implemented, transform one of the most backward states- Madhya Pradesh into one of most economically powerful states such as Maharashtra and Gujarat in near future. The report carries a massive and voluminous data of all aspects of urban development and should be useful to Research scholars, planners, economists, industrialists, Bureaucrats, local governments, and the common urban citizen, who is the most vital component of human society serviced by the machines of urban growth.

The work is a very valuable reference document for all institutions and organizations engaged in training, planning research, implementation and administration of urban centers.