When You Need
District, Block or Village Level


A handy, easy to use package.


A village level
Mapped database on
Madhya Pradesh

  Thinking of
Village Identification? Planning activities? Action Plans? or reporting field work progress or doing the impact assessment in a district !!

Just Pick the Readymade GIS

'the MPGIS'.

Huge databases do not work. Those are difficult to understand and use. Putting the information on Maps makes jobs easy.
New vision appears with better perception of data. Decision making improves. Here is help to GO IN FOR MAPs !! And to efficiently make use of Mapped information: here is your MPGIS.

MP GIS has the following features:

  State map with district boundaries, District map with Tehsil boundaries, Tehsil maps with village boundaries
  Village level data of census attached to maps
  Very user friendly. No need to learn GIS / any other training
  Query features to make selection of villages as per set criteria
  Highly useful for state level functionaries, districts authorities, NGOs, reseachers, etc.
  Extra support to embed khasra maps and work for micro planning.

- The maps are opened simply from selection of the menu/submenu items.

- Alpha-indexed lists of the blocks and of villages appear for picking the name if one cannot recall its location on the map.

- Short cut menus appear with right click on the map screen.

The package is most useful for the following:
- Simply viewing the whole maps with village names
- General retrieval of information on district, block and village level
- Modification of database and adding other information which makes it possible to orient the package for the needs of any specific department
- The database can be used for identification of villages matching any criteria and thus villages can be selected for any project/programme quickly and easily

Planning for projects/programmes can also be performed using the same
GIS on socio-economic and other parameters:



The MPGIS also offers another useful feature of adding multiple layers of information – thus other information can be mapped (in symbols/lines/text) for making the GIS more meaningful for the villages. For example:
-village resources,
-water resources etc. related information can be superimposed.




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For further details/procuring the package contact NCHSE .... click here